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Featured Artists

The Game features exclusive artists in various levels in the game.  Get a chance to have a fun, immersive interactive experience with artworks from your favourite creators like never before.
Check-out & discover these amazing artists, their artworks & links to their portfolios of awesomeness from the NFT space. 
Give them a follow, like, share, buy art or let them know you love their work.



Psychedelic artist AllYourLittleFaces’ art invites the viewer to explore the colorful characters and realms of his inner world.

Working purely in the digital medium, precision and detail define his work, as well as portraiture and dreamlike subjects that tap into his dual ancestry and the narratives of the Pacific, the tribes of the Amazon and the indigenous peoples of the world.

5760 × 3240.jpg (2) (1) (1).png
Concrete Wall
IMG-20220808-WA0000 (1).jpg

The Samosa Rani


Simran Wahan is an Indian artist who works with
Abstract Artist | Figurative Abstracts | Chromotherapy
She's a traditional abstract artist for 23 years and work on large canvases & textured paper. she uses acrylic paints, watercolors, inks, screen prints & gelli prints to make the base of the abstract painting.
Her work is inspired by nature, culture, emotion, social observations and spiritual learnings.
Textures, layers, patterns, character formation and moderation are the essence of my art form.



He creates pieces of art that are a mix of mediums and use other genres of art like Music, Animation, Poetry, and storytelling to create something that is entirely unique.

Coming Soon

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