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  • What is NFT Spot the difference?
    NFT Spot the difference is the 1st utility based hyper casual mobile game to be released on OpenSea with the idea of being an NFT. The game revolves around the simple gameplay of Spot 10 differences that we all love. Where the player is presented with 2 pictures that look similar and are asked to find 10 differences between them. The game was built to use my(@rohanganapathy) own art works for levels and is build with the idea of providing utility to my art collectors. Launch on 1 September 2022.
  • What platforms do the game support?
    The game supports devices that run both iOS or Android operating systems. There was a test build that successfully had the game running on Windows and Mac OS as a standalone installer. But currently the work on this is paused as its labour intensive.
  • How do I get the game?
    You can buy the game from OpenSea. The game will be available to buy here: or You can also go to the Home page on and hit the "Buy Now!" button. The TestFlight(iOS) and AppHost(Android) app store links will be in the un-lockable section of the game.
  • How to install the game?
    Note: Make sure you have at-least 80MB space free on your device. Note: Game Demo Links are in the "game-demo-links" channel. You can download and play the 1st 3 levels for free and without joining Collab.Land. 1. You can buy the game on OpenSea by going to the collection link: 2. Once brought, Join Discord.(Make sure you verify using the verify channel) Discord Link: 3. Login and verify your NFT purchase using Collab.Land(Use channel collabland-join). 4. The links should be available in the channel "game-links" at the very top. for platforms(iOS or Android). 5. iOS uses Apple's official Beta testing distribution platform called "TestFlight". 6. Android uses "AppHost" distribution platform. Installing on iOS using Apple's "TestFlight":- - Click on the iOS(TestFlight) link. - Follow the following steps - Click on the "View in App Store" in Step 1 to download and install TestFlight. - Once "TestFlight" is installed, Click "Start Testing" in Step 2. - A small Dialogue box will pop-up that reads "Open this link in external app?" with a link to open the app in TestFlight, Click "OK". - TestFlight will open and register you as a user. - Now you can download the game from TestFlight just like a regular AppStore. All updates to the game will automatically show up here. Installing on Android using "AppHost":- - Click on the Android(AppHost) link. - Follow the following steps - Click on the Green Button with the "Android" text written on it - The download will start and this page will be shown. - Click on "Install" button or navigate to the location where the download was done and tap on the "NFTSpotTheDifference" APK File to install. Special Instructions for Android users:- - If you are being prevented from installing external APKs, please follow the following steps. - On your android device, Open device "Settings". - Navigate and open "Security". - Now Select "More Settings". (Note: This step may be required only for certain devices.) - Tap open the "Install apps from external sources". - Select the App you are trying to install the game from. (Eg: Chrome Browser, A Folder Explorer app...etc) - Tap on "Allow app installs" to enable it. - Now, the game should install on your device.
  • How to play the game? or/and what are the rules?
    The game is built upon the simple concept of finding the difference between two images. The player is presented with 2 images each level and the player has to spot 10 differences in each image and mark them by tapping on the object that is different. The next level is only unlocked when the current level completed with at-least one Star. Following are the rules: The game is race against time, and the time bar is on the top right corner of the screen, the game must be completed before the time bar runs out. A wrong guess will cost -2 sec from the time bar, so be careful of wrong guesses or random taps on the screen. On the time bar, you can see the level of stars you can achieve the faster you solve a level. These stars will eventually be used to attain NFT Rewards. You are provided with 2 hint options. The "See All" and "Reveal one". You have limited numbers of uses of these hints per level, when exhausted, the hint will not work. The "See All" hint will reveal all the differences, but the game is unplayable during this time, and the timer keeps running. Leaving you minimum amount of time to memorise all the differences. The "Reveal one" hint will reveal one item that is different on the pictures, with a flashing colour full ring around it. You will have only limited usage of this hint per level.
  • How to Report bugs/Issues with the game?
    For feedback, support or Issues/bugs please go to the home page of the website: Scroll down to "Report an Issue/Bug" section and please fill the form with all the relevant details and hit submit.
  • Does the levels use NFT art? Does it/Can it feature other artists?
    Yes, The game uses art works that are minted/sold as NFTs by the game creator(Rohan Ganapathy). It also features levels with art works that are created by other prominent NFT creators. List of featured creators This is built with the idea of creating true utility for our artworks, and provide a fun interactive experience.
  • How does the game provide utility for collectors?
    1. All collectors who has brought art from the Creator's(Rohan Ganapathy) Foundation/KnownOrigin/OpenSea - RohanGanapathyArt collection, will have the game airdropped for free. 2. Collectors of the game, will have constant feature up dates and levels added to the game to keep it fresh, engaging and fun. 3. Collectors get a real interactive experience with art from some of their favourite creators. 4. Collectors who are actively playing the game will receive NFT rewards. 5. Access to the tight community of players who will help drive the game. 6. Be able to suggest creators, for their art to possibly be a level in the game. 7. Access to a NFT game that can be played from your device anywhere, anytime. 8. Access to a game that can be played any age range. No matter if ur 5years or if you are 100 years old. 9. With the added utility of the art being a level in a game, the value of the art increases for both the collector and artist.
  • How does the game provide utility for artists?
    For a real long time, creators have mostly offered an artwork for an artwork utility. Sometimes physical copies and print. 1. For the 1st time creators get a chance to have their artworks have an interactive, engaging and fun element added to their art as utility by being a level on an actual Game. 2. It also gives the chance to collectors to look more closely into an artwork and appreciate the artist more. 3. The Artists will be prominently featured, marketed and cross promoted in all formats, The game, website, portals and social, giving easy access to all collectors who own the game to visit each creator profiles featured in a level with ease. 4. With the added utility of the art being a level in a game, the value of the art increases for both the collector and artist. 5. Almost all kind of art can be integrated into the game, making it accessible to most if not all artistic styles.
  • Will the game be updated with new levels?
    Yes, The game will be regularly updated with new levels. The idea is to always keep the player community happy and engaged with the game. The game will have levels as long as there are NFT creators/artists.
  • How does rewards work?
    The Rewards system is currently based on a community engagement and player goal system. Eg: The first 10 players to get 5 stars in total and tweets about it with a screenshot will all be rewarded an exclusive NFT reward that no one else has. This helps build the community, enriches interaction between the community and drives it forward. Sometimes it can be a common community goal, where everyone who took part is rewarded. This will be automated in the future.
  • what about support?
    For feedback, support or Issues/bugs please go to the home page of the website: Scroll down to "Report an Issue/Bug" section and please fill the form with all the relevant details and hit submit. Please feel free to also get in touch over socials using the link in the home page.
  • New features?
    There will constantly be updates to the game with new levels. New features to make the game more engaging and fun is always being thought off. Some current features being looked at and researched on: Possible new gameplay features. Special levels. Save function. Metamask integration.
  • A platform?
    The core idea of the game is to evolve into a self sustaining game platform for artists to be able to provide a fun utility for their art. Eg: One of the many visions is that in future there is a system that creators can also use to make revenue out of creating exclusive levels for the game. The possibilities are endless.
  • Metaverse playable?
    Yes, there is an idea of brining it to the Metaverse. But the vision behind it is a lot more bigger than what it sounds like.
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